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Reasons to consider Financial Management Services

Posted on Monday, May 1, 2017 in Financial Management & Trust Services

I am often asked about my profession and what services are offered. I respond by saying that I work with a team of financial planning experts who are your partner, easing the burden of financial management and providing your loved

ones with true peace of mind.

If any of these situations apply, you may benefit from the services of First Point Financial Management:
  1. I’m worried about my parents. They are having trouble paying bills and I don’t want to have them taken advantage of by a scam. Right now I don’t have the time or expertise to help.
  2. I want to ensure my finances are handled appropriately if I become mentally or physically incapacitated.
  3. My husband took care of our investments. Since he passed away, I don’t know where to start with managing the assets.
  4. Everyone is giving investment advice these days, and I am overwhelmed by all the sales pitches. I want safe investments that are specifically designed for my needs.
  5. I recently received a large inheritance and need some investment advice.
  6. I have a child with special needs. I want to make sure someone provides for his needs if something happens to me.
  7. One of my children is not responsible with her money. I don’t want her to squander my hard-earned money after I pass away. How can I help her, but protect my money at the same time?
  8. I want to make gifts to my children and grandchildren to save estate taxes.
  9. I am retired. With interest rates so low, how can I generate enough income for my living expenses?
  10. I’m getting ready to retire and I’m not sure how to take distributions from my retirement assets.
  11. I want to leave money to my favorite charity when I pass away.
  12. What are some structuring options?

Our team at First Point is ready to assist you with answers to these concerns, and develop a financial plan to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss your questions.

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