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Preparing for the unexpected

From this point forward, your financial responsibilities have been simplified...

Life is complex and can change quickly. At First Point, we specialize in helping you prepare for the unexpected and develop financial road maps for reaching your goals. If you've thought about any of the following situations, you can be assured that we have the expertise to provide solutions.

Life Scenarios
You're thinking about retiring, but want to be confident you can maintain your financial lifestyle in retirement.
A family member recently passed away and you were named executor. You are feeling unsure if you want to serve in that role.
You've built a solid retirement plan and are ready to retire. What are the best strategies for taking distributions?
You've been considering setting up a trust and are concerned about who is best able to serve as trustee. What does that entail?
Time is important; your life would be easier if a professional was managing your day-to-day finances.
Your special needs child will need assistance in managing his/her financial affairs after you're gone. It is important that his/her needs will be met.
You have increasingly been assisting your aging parents with managing their finances, and it's becoming overwhelming.
It's time to review your Will and make sure all of your wishes are covered. Would a second opinion be valuable?
If something happen to you unexpectedly, is your spouse prepared to manage the finances?
You want to make gifts to your children and grandchildren to save on estate taxes, but you're not sure about the best approach.

Each situation and scenario are unique and that's where we excel! With First Point Wealth Solutions, you benefit from our comprehensive and customized approach delivered by financial professionals. Think of our Wealth Management Advisors as your partner, easing the burden of day-to-day financial responsibilities and providing you and your family with true peace of mind.

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