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Trust Services


You may elect to name the Bank as trustee of your living trust or of a trust established by a Will. Working with our Wealth Advisors will relieve family members or friends of bearing this responsibility and avoid problems, such as:

  • The named trustee encountering problems due to stress, health and age thus compromising their ability to act as trustee as needed
  • The trustee relocating or living under very different circumstances, hampering their ability to fulfill the role when these services are needed


In a Will, you may name the bank as executor, co-executor or alternate executor. In each case, our Wealth Advisors offer:

  • Bonded professionals with experience and objectivity that is often challenging for a family member
  • Estate planning and coordination of efforts with an attorney to draft the Will
  • Settle financial affairs
  • The ability to work on behalf of family and beneficiaries to carry out client wishes


The Bank can be named as conservator to assist minors, elderly and individuals suffering from mental or physical handicaps. We offer security that assets will be managed professionally and always in the individual’s best interest.

Escrow Agent

When the need arises for an impartial third party, First Point’s bonded Wealth Advisors are available from start to finish, offering:

  • The impartiality of a third party
  • The ability to hold legal documents and cash pending completion of a sale or performance of a contact

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